The Weekly Brief

The Weekly Brief

  • Europe in Stagflation

    Europe in Stagflation

    With inflation forecasts rising and growth forecasts falling in Europe, we can expect the ECB to keep rates elevated.

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  • Recession Probability

    Recession Probability

    Risks of a recession remain elevated in the US, UK, and Europe according to the consensus view.

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  • Employment Keeps Slowing

    Employment Keeps Slowing

    There continues to be downside risks from the Fed hiking rates, including the continued slowdown in employment growth.

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  • Weekly Brief Returns After Labor Day 

    Weekly Brief Returns After Labor Day 

    The Weekly Brief with our Chief Economist Torsten Slok is taking a summer break during the month of August. We…

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  • Japan Policy Shift

    Japan Policy Shift

    The Bank of Japan has signaled that it will exit yield curve control. We explore the potential implications of this policy change.

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  • Higher Jobless Claims

    Higher Jobless Claims

    Several leading indicators reveal that jobless claims are on the rise. Learn more in the Weekly Brief.

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  • Retail Sales Slowing

    Retail Sales Slowing

    Weekly data for retail sales has seen a steady decline since the Fed started raising interest rates. We take a closer look in the Weekly Brief.

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  • Gradual Cooling

    Gradual Cooling

    The slowdown continues, but it’s not happening as quickly as the Fed would like. Learn more in the Weekly Brief.

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  • Lower Long Rates?

    Lower Long Rates?

    For the first time in 20 years, the consensus is predicting that long rates will fall. We explore why in the Weekly Brief.

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